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NFL Football Theme Songs

Are You Dreaming of Writing and Producing Music For TV Sports?

Writing Music For TV Sports has become more and more important to show producers.  There is so much competition amongst the networks to get you to watch their broadcast rather than the other network, producers are under great pressure to be creative, innovative and cool.  I think video games opened the eyes of TV producers when they saw their kids at home glued to the video game screen.  They realized that the action was quick and the sound, I mean the sound, was awesome.  So, TV sports producers said to themselves: how am I going to compete with that?

TV sports broadcasts then have become quicker, more engaging and the music, camera angles, quick camera cuts and innovative screen graphics, cameras and shot angles all make it come alive.

As part of a project I was working on, I looked into the NFL Football broadcast theme songs.  Here are the themes of the networks that currently broadcast NFL Football from YouTube:


John Williams NBC Sunday Night Football Theme

Johnny Pearson’s “Heavy Action” Monday Night Football Theme:

NBC Sunday Night Football Theme



NFL On FOX Theme

NFL on CBS Theme: “Posthumus Zone “by E.S. Posthumus


I was so taken with Postumus Zone, I had to look into who the composer was and I found E.S. Posthumus, the group, was formed in 2000 by brothers Helmut and Franz Vonlichten.  Here is a link to the WikiPedia article on them.  E. S. Posthumus. Here is an interview I found on them which gives you a pretty good idea of what they do and how they do it. And, below are a few more of their songs from Spotify.  If you are into writing film scores, or TV show themes, you have to study these guys.


By the way, don’t you think we need some new themes with huge DubStep bass sounds now?  Write one and send it to me and we’ll pitch it!






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